November 28, 2010

ghost-eating girl for sale!

hope everyone's holidays were grand!

so the comic I illustrated earlier this year, "Our Little Ghost-Eating Girl," written by the very talented Tony Chavira, is now for sale on Indy Planet! for only 5 bucks! it's part of a larger project called Minefield Wonderland. Indy Planet has this to say about it:
"Set in China in 1945, through a freak accident a little girl is only able to survive by devouring wandering souls and comes face-to-face with the ultimate implications of her survival.
In the tradition of Warren Publishing’s “Creepy” and “Eerie”, Minefield Wonderland presents a mix of the curious and the grotesque, providing supernatural explanations for many bizarre occurrences throughout history."

Here's a couple of pages to whet your appetites:

You can pick up the comic through Indy Planet here. Also be sure to check out more of Tony's work at Minefield Wonderland. Go forth!

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