September 28, 2011

olvera street

Recently I found myself downtown at Union Station with some time to kill, so I took an impromptu trip through Olvera Street to do some architectural sketching. I don't get the chance to do this sort of thing half as often as I'd like to, so it was particularly enjoyable to stroll around in the sun, churro in hand, searching for the best angle. LA <3

September 26, 2011

professor rufus dodo

who says dodo birds weren't intelligent? I made this for the Echo Park Artwalk that went down this past weekend - the theme for our show at 826LA was "Extinct Animals."
I have been rediscovering my love for charcoal, and it is beautiful.

September 20, 2011

this one came out slightly on the vampire-with-an-underbite side, but what can you do.

EDIT: I managed to procure a decent scan of a page in my sketchbook with the two most recent troll drawings... voila!

September 15, 2011



But really. Check out the next group show at Gallery 1988 if you're in Venice this weekend, I have a painting in it! It's based on video games, which can only mean one thing for me - Zelda. Here's a detail of my humble contribution.
Hope you enjoy! See you all at the show!

September 13, 2011

a gentlemanly troll

A gentlemanly troll from the sketchbook while I should have been doing other things. I'm really into drawing normal people and making them look like trolls, though this time no one was around so I just ripped out a little section from the newspaper obituaries to use as loose inspiration.
in other news, my birthday is next month, and you are welcome to buy me a large format scanner. Just sayin'.