December 26, 2012

spirit animal

I made this as a Christmas gift for a very special snow leopard. Sculpey and acrylic paint, about 10 inches in length. I came up with a really cute name for it the other day but now I can't remember what it was.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!

in progress...

Hi! So, I've been working away the past week or two on a spirit animal as a Christmas gift for an awesome somebody. Sculpting is super fun because I'm never really sure what the results will be except that I'll probably make a huge mess and end up bleeding at one point or another during the process. A recipe for success! 

I started with an aluminum foil and wire base to keep the shape, and then sculpted on top of that.  It was hard to make it kind of chubby and cute without being too top heavy, so I ended up playing with the proportions a lot. 

The snow leopard slowly gets its spots...

Finished piece to come! Enjoy!

December 23, 2012

sketch jam!

I had a sketch jam recently with the amazingly talented artists Ruel Pascual, Jason Liwag and 
Robin Fuqua. Ramen was involved; awesomeness ensued. 
I wanted it to have a bow and arrow but I kind of ran out of space. 

enjoy! happy holidays!

December 19, 2012

texas longhorn

I did this for work the other day. It's a different medium and different subject matter than I normally get to work with, and therefore was very enjoyable. Hope you enjoy!

all kinds of things going on! I did this little sketch during my break. I'm hoping to do that thing that really motivated and prolific artists do where they make one awesome thing every single day, but sometimes I wonder if I'm really cut out for a commitment like that. In any case, lots of projects going on, as usual. Stay tuned!