January 31, 2008


enough doodles! a painting finally! this is a work in progress, as of now. I hope josh is proud to be my model.

January 21, 2008


coffeehouse open-mic nights are great places to draw

January 14, 2008

double post madness!

Some coffee-shop drawings from today, and some open-mic night drawings from the weekend:

And some old man watercolor actions I did earlier instead of homework:

that's interesting man, that's fucking interesting

"Good Helper" is a little collage I finished in December. Every element is on a different piece of wood, and some are raised up higher than others. It's based on my diary from when I was 5, that's where everything comes from - the duck, the planes, the swimming pool, the phrase "good helper." I really need to get a better photo.

"Heaven" was originally an oil painting finished in November of 2007 that I absolutely hate. Some people were really into it, but for me the rendering was all off, and I knew I could do better. So, in an attempt to regain my pride, I repainted half the damn thing in Photoshop over winter break. It still needs some work, but I am determined!

January 8, 2008

finally, some real painting

I don't have anything better to paint right now, so I just paint pictures of myself. Normally I wear globs and globs of eyeliner (see first post), but not today.

January 4, 2008

Digital stuffs

Did some tweaks and what-have-you, click for full-size.

January 2, 2008


Welcome to the blog! Let's get things poppin' off with a quick self-portrait.