November 16, 2009

mooooore figures!

guess what??

that's right! more figure drawing! yay

November 8, 2009

figure drawings

Figure drawing is probably the most fun thing ever. I'm finally getting around to posting all the drawings that have been piling up for the past few weeks from Thursday night drawing sessions at Otis College in LA. One day I will invest in a proper method of photographing these... promise!

November 3, 2009

eowynn study

You know how some days you just can't draw, or think of stuff to draw, or really do anything much at all? The past two weeks have been like that for me. sigh. time to get the juices flowing. Anyway, here's a little doodle I did the other day to start brainstorming for this epic painting I've got in the works. It's based on the story of Eowynn slaying the Nazgul, this is sort of an idea about Eowynn's character. man... I'm a nerd.
if you're not familiar with this subject... shame!