April 30, 2009

April 29, 2009

drawings, batch 2!

random quick sketches I found in one of my sketchbooks. I think this must have been after I read "The Road," which was one of those amazing books that stay with you for weeks after finishing it, some kinda post-apocalyptic thing. Interesting!

drawings, batch 1!

more poorly photographed, but hopefully slightly less mediocre, figure drawings:

April 16, 2009


just a quick peek at whats on the drawing table at the moment....

April 8, 2009

mooooore figure drawings

another batch of mediocre and poorly photoraphed figure sketches, I think most of these are 2 minute sketches with a couple 5's and maybe a 10 in there somewhere.
I promise to post something interesting soon!

April 2, 2009

Idiot Box results!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Idiot Box opening tonight at Gallery 1988! For those who couldn't make it, it will be up for a few more weeks. Great work everyone!

Here's my contribution to the show: "The Freaks vs. McKinley High." Any Freaks and Geeks fans out there? Best show ever!

April 1, 2009

sneak peeks!

a snippet of whats on the easel at the moment... its just you and me now, senior thesis! bring it on!