January 19, 2012

Rose Red

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the About Face show at WWA Gallery last weekend, it was a huge turnout! The work there was phenomenal and I recommend checking it out if you're in the Los Angeles area.

My painting "Rose Red" is on display there but since I never got a really good image of it, and there were parts that I wasn't super stoked on anyway, I decided to do what I always say I'm going to eventually do but never get around to - repaint the crap out of it in Photoshop. I got a little overexcited and ended up redoing almost the entire painting digitally... but I'm really happy with the final image and I'm glad I put the extra time into it.

"Rose Red" oil/digital

detail of the blend between crappy photo of oil painting and digital brushwork.

You can see the original on display at WWA Gallery in Culver City, or probably on their website. Details in my previous post on the show.
Hope you enjoy!

WWA Gallery

January 14, 2012

year of the rabbit!

I finished my piece for the "New Moon" show at Myplasticheart Gallery in New York and couldn't wait to reveal it to the world! The show is based on the Chinese zodiac, and artists were asked to depict an animal of the zodiac calendar. I chose to do a rabbit, my own sign, which is incidentally also probably the best animal of the zodiac. In fact, it is definitely the best animal of the zodiac.

People always ask me about the process of these sculpture, so here's how it happened:

I don't have many shots of the sculpting process, but mostly it's just a bunch of tin foil wadded up on the inside with some armature wire, and covered in shapless lumps of Sculpey. from there I use that handy little pottery tool to sculpt out some semblance of a form. Sculpey is the business cause you can just pop it into the oven and it comes out hard and ready to paint in about 20 minutes. The head is screwed onto the wood board (which I cut myself out of a slab of oak) but since the paws hardly weighed anything I was able to just hot glue them onto the plaque.

underpainting......and overpainting!

Anyway, you get the point. If you're in New York on January 20th you should definitely check out the show, I won't be able to make it to the opening but the lineup looks pretty slick.
Cheers! -a

January 13, 2012

About Face show tonight!

Tonight is the opening reception for About Face at WWA Gallery in Culver City! Come if you can, I'll be posting my piece up soon.

More info here. Hope to see you tonight!!

January 5, 2012


Thank you to the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles for accepting my piece into their 50th annual Illustration West competition! It's an honor to be part of this show again. The exhibit will be held at Gallery Nucleus in March and is sure to be spectacular!

More info at Si-LA.org!

January 4, 2012

Happy new year everyone! We may have turned our calendars to 2012, but in the Chinese zodiac, the year of the rabbit is still going strong! here's an in-progress shot of my piece for the upcoming "New Moon" show at My Plastic Heart gallery in New York. I haven't done one of these sculptures in a while so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm always pleasantly surprised at the way these come out.

also pictured: my new years resolution to be more sparkly!

I'm thinking it will have three eyes. More soon!
Cheers! -a