February 29, 2012

figure painting!

My apologies for neglecting the blog for so long! I've been busy with work, and also trying to finish this godforsaken digital painting that is taking forever. I'll post an in-progress shot once it gets to a good place.
In other news, I did some figure painting at Korpus School of Art in downtown LA over the weekend. I haven't painted from life for quite a while and was worried about how rusty I might have become, but I'm pretty happy with how this one came out.
5 hours, oil on board.

you can click the one below for a ginormous detail shot of the brushstrokes and board texture. I used one of those rolly sponge brush thingies to roll gesso onto a piece of particle board, but in my haste didn't get a chance to sand it smooth, so thats the weird spongey texture you're seeing.

Thanks to Rebecca Kimmel of Korpus School for putting the workshop together, and to the lovely Petra for sitting for us.
More soon!

February 7, 2012


drawing trip to the dominator shipwreck in palos verdes, ca, with the painting posse - luke berliner, shaddy safadi, eytan zana, john sweeney, and all the other totally rad art nerds. this is apparently the crane used to try to get the ship out of the water, but in what i imagine to be a humorous benny hill-like turn for the worst, it became part of the disaster itself

i am a patient boy, i wait i wait i wait
(i actually really love waiting rooms, and lobbies, and terminals, and bus benches)