March 27, 2011

moleskine part 1

mostly people reading, +troll.

oh, and I had a bunch of names and email addresses and stuff written in here that I photoshopped out, which is why there are random areas painted over.

March 25, 2011


For reasons I can't explain even to myself, I've spent the last few days drawing trolls.

And if that weren't enough, I've begun to delve into troll depths that few have explored. Such as... troll children!

I'm considering moving on to celebrity trolls next. Beware.

doodle wip

March 19, 2011

Chompers for Sale!

Hey everybody. I'm back from vacation with good news: after a few finishing touches and a few parting tears, Chompers is officially for sale!

You can read more about this sculpture in my previous post here. This was also featured on Drawn! back in June, which you can see in their archives here.

protrudes approx. 13" from the wall (from base to tip of nose)
approx 14" tall (from bottom of plaque to tip of the ears)
approx 8" at the widest part.
fitted with a 50lb-strength wire and comes with equipment for hanging.

I'm really fond of this little guy and will be sorry to see him go, but I'm excited for Chompers to have a new good home. I've decided to extend the series and am currently in production on the next couple of pieces, more on that to come.

To purchase: visit the Etsy Store. Good luck!!