April 4, 2010

green, with some rust coloration: a tale of two achievers

Preface for this post: anyone who knows me is painfully aware of my obsessive love for the Big Lebowski. In my opinion, it is not only the greatest movie of our time, but it just might be the only movie ever made.
That being said, this is what I've been doing the past week and a half: preparing a costume to win 1st place in Achieverhood at Lebowski Fest Los Angeles 2010. It was a difficult task, ridden with hot glue burns and spraypaint fumes. But I'm happy to say, we went out and achieved anyway.

humble beginnings of cardboard and glue

we had to finish the Torino outside because the bumpers wouldn't fit through the door. Here she is with working LED headlights and portable speakers inside bumping Creedence.

yes, the Torino went bowling. in two lanes at once!


and in case you weren't in enough awe of our costume, here's the thing in action as we accept our trophy up on stage:

my sister has some more photos up on her blog, Let's Do Something Awesome. You can see more pics from the fest there, as well as learn all about doing Awesome stuff in LA. Go check it out!


Lynn said...

Congrats - you go girls!

J. A. W. Cooper said...

Too cool for words. Go Team Reimold!

donny said...

we were there. saw you two tooling around. nice ACHIEVEment. congtats!!!!

what a good time it was, huh?

Kirk said...

Okay, now that is pretty darn cool. Way to go little Achievers! I love your Chompers.