June 19, 2011

Terra Obscura

I was quite honored to be a part of this show, Terra Obscura, put on by the Upper Six Hundreds, which took place last night. Actually, saying that it "took place" isn't quite the right phrase... it's more like it exploded into being in a shower of light and music! Basically the show was incredible, and thank you thank you to everyone who came out, and especially to the Upper Sixers for putting so much time and effort into transforming their home into such a magical space.

My contribution to the show:

"Demon Host"
15x20, oil on board

and a detail of the brushwork... I'm quite pleased with how this part came out.

Hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

Geizi Guevara said...

Beautiful work like always Allie. Wish I could have made to the show.