May 18, 2011

hello, mr. badger!

I made another sculpture in the same series as Chompers, a badger with an equally wicked grin. The pictures don't do this one justice, as I really think it's even better than the first sculpture. Unfortunately during the frenzy of making this I forgot to take process photos, so you'll just have to take my word that it's made from sculpey with an aluminum foil endoskeleton, and painted with acrylic. Mr. Badger will be for sale on Etsy shortly once I get some better photos of it.

oh, and I am available for commissions if you have a favorite animal you'd like to see stuck up on your wall, just email me.


Throb said...

dude allie these things are amazing, makes me wish i kinda learned some skills at otis besides being overly critical of everything.

Shannon Losorelli said...