February 14, 2011


Pheww, I haven't done a digital painting in ages! This here's my homage to Al Swearengen (played by Ian McShane) from Deadwood, only like one of the best shows ever.
If you haven't seen Deadwood, do yourself a favor and watch it. you'll get the reference real quick.

Also, I have a new drawing, a new painting and a handful of figure sketches to post this week, so, you know, be prepared, or something.


Lynn said...

Even though I'm clueless as to who this is, I'm sure you've captured him well! I'll try and remember to see that movie sometime.

Marcel said...

Hahaha, this made my day! Al's broken conversations with Mr Wu were always amazing.

The rendering/lighting on the face is really nice! It would be worth rendering up the rest if you have time, it could be incredible.

allie said...

Thanks! I might go back into this and work on the clothes and the hands, if I get some extra time!