January 10, 2010

He-Man show

Thanks to everyone who came out to the He-Man show last night... all, what, ten thousand of you? What a crazy night! So much amazing work rarely can come together under one roof! Here is my humble contribution to the show:

18x24, oil on board.

And while we're on the subject, I was wondering if anyone had any tips for photographing work? I don't have steady access to a large format scanner so I photographed my He-Man piece at home. I did it as professional as I could: propped up against a white backdrop, with two spotlights at 45 degree angles to the piece, and using a high megapixel camera on a tri-pod... but STILL the damn photo came out blurry, washed out, and unevenly lit! What am I doing wrong?!
Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to get a good scan of this sometime in the future... I'm relatively happy with this piece and hope you all enjoy it too.


Thea Schultheiss said...

This was by far one of my fave pieces from the show, not that I saw it in person, but from everything revealed online.

Sorry no photo tips - I detest even attempting to photograph anything flat!

Umbralust said...

It is SO furiatingly hard to take a good picture of a painting, especially one in oil or one that has a dark value range! Dalva's supposed to help me take pictures of my stuff at the hive soon. She always tells me that photos are super hard to take, you have to continuously adjust the angle of the lighting until it's just right. Also, try using a black velvet backdrop instead. I think it doesn't reflect the light as much and so your camera has less chance of picking a weird f-stop.