November 10, 2008

unity + variety!!

So I went to Nathan Fowkes's color workshop on Saturday at LAAFA with my good friend Tuna. It was wonderful and informative and inspiring, and Nathan Fowkes is quite the master of color and all things related to it! I highly recommend this workshop, or any by Nathan or at LAAFA, to anyone craving some extra knowledge. Here are a couple little color studies I did during the workshop.
Check out Nathan Fowkes work at
and also at, which is dedicated to plein air studies.

Also, Tuna should be putting some pictures up from his demo, look for them at


Tom Scholes said...

I should have wandered around during the workshop a bit more. You've got some really impressive work on this blog :)

Ron Smith said...


It was great meeting you at Nathan's seminar. I loved what you did in class. Thanks for posting you comps.

Good Luck