April 19, 2008

thursday nights = pastel night.

Some figure drawings from this week and last week, two different models with very similar body types. I finally busted out the charcoal paper!

So, the models both generously offered to do some outside-of-class posing. Any of you Otis kids down for a couple model drawing sessions over summer or something? Split the rate? Also, I got a space here at the pad I'm thinking about fixing up for a weekly summer sketch group. Anybody interested? Lemme know!


casey @ threeleggedlegs.com said...

what is this, pastels by the masters? these stuffs look good. top two pages are tight, and i really dig the yellow highlight on the blue page.

ill draw at ur pad. GOOO

tunaf1sh said...

me is downnn!
cool drawings~!

e v a n said...

really nice