March 23, 2012

late night at the drawing table

Ahh, I feel like I've been really neglecting the blog the past few weeks... or even the past few months! Life is quite full these days with freelance, commissions, and attempting to lead a (somewhat) normal life. I've been curious about this, and maybe some readers can provide some insight - how do others manage to squeeze a full-time hobby into an already packed lifestyle? Any tips, complaints, experiences, grievances, general comments? What do you guys think? Let's discuss!

In the meantime, I realize I sketch constantly - literally, CONSTANTLY - but hardly ever post rough sketches here. Let us rectify this wrongful practice. Here's a couple doodles I've been working on - the first one for a sort of long-term personal project involving this weird indigenous tribe I've been inventing, and the last two for a large tattoo I'm designing for one of my best friends.

I'm also on the verge of finishing a digital painting that has, for reasons even I cannot explain, been taking me weeks and weeks to complete... more on that (hopefully) soon!


Bart said...

Awesome sketches! Have you seen Habibi by Craig Thompson? He has some beautiful pen & ink designs (these kind of reminded me of it for some reason). Would love to see a comic book or graphic novel story with some of these characters!

allie said...

Ooh, I haven't. I'll check it out now! Thanks Bart! I would love to do a graphic novel project someday, I think thats sort of the direction these characters want to go in.

Lynn said...

Nice sketches. Hmmm, I think doing creative things whether it's art, writing, music, etc., you're always squeezing it in or the other stuff in your life doesn't get the full attention it deserves. I suppose it's just a matter of balance. I struggle with this same issue.