March 24, 2010


I have a vision.
I've been working on this sculpture of a decapitated fox head for the past week or two. if you squint in the photo you can see some of the concept sketches in the background in the old sketcheroo.

In other news, I'm moving into a new studio next week, super excited! I will finally have the space to start on all these painting ideas that have been accumulating over the past few weeks, dark weeks in which my box of paint has no doubt filled with cobwebs... those days are soon to be over, my friends. more on that later!


alicia papanek said...

ooo nice. it's creepy. i like the eyes. i can't wait for you to paint it. are you gonna do it in acrylic or oil?

georges blog said...

Wonderful shape . I enjoy it very much.

allie said...

acrylics for sure. i'll post more pics once the sculpey is done!