August 21, 2009

album art WIP

I've been working on an album cover and cd art for a friend's band the past couple weeks. They're called Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob, and they're amazing musicians and great people. Anyway, I did some graphite rendering and am working on adding colors in photoshop. here is the linework:
for the CD

aaand for the outside jacket. yay!


Skulldaggery said...

osh gosh b'gosh these are nice!
Nice graphite rendering for sure!

Monica Grue said...

Allie your drawings are looking GREAT!! You scare me woman.

Masonography said...

Beautiful graphite works. I love the way you handled the texture and used repetition. The wings on the crow look badass too... great attention to anatomy.

jawcooper said...

Just gorgeous! That crow/raven is amazing.